Patented Dual-Fuel “H-Motor” Engine Prototype Revealed


MORENO VALLEY, CALIF. – Nov. 15, 2016 – Today Eco-Motive revealed photos of the company’s patented (#8807098) dual-fuel “H-Motor” power plant. The full-scale prototype of the Eco-Motive H-Motor was completed in February 2016 and built to reflect the engine when it is installed in a vehicle. Eco-Motive’s patented dual-fuel H-Motor is a revolutionary, cost-effective technology that can cut global emissions, slash oil consumption and increase fuel flexibility for consumers.

“Our Eco-Motive H-Motor is a revolutionary twin vertical, hybrid internal combustion dual fuel engine that can run on CNG or gasoline,” said Herns Louis, founder and CEO of Eco-Motive. “It’s exciting to see all of our  research, development and engineering culminate into a full-scale prototype. In the coming weeks, we’ll begin testing the prototype in real-world driving applications. I am confident that the technology we’ve engineered into the H-Motor will become an integral part of our automotive future.”

The principle behind the engine is brilliant in its simplicity and flexibility. The Eco-Motive H-motor can be powered by either gasoline or compressed natural gas (CNG), at a driver’s prerogative. Each bank of the engine is powered exclusively by one of the two fuels; with the push of a button, the engine can switch from the bank of cylinders fueled by gasoline to the other set using CNG, or vice versa.

“The Eco-Motive H-Motor will allow drivers to be an active participant in the reduction of C02 emissions,” said Louis. “Simply switching to the CNG mode will empower drivers to chip away at the negative impact traditional combustion engines can have on the environment.”

The H-motor is fed by dual gas tanks on either side of the drive shaft. A fuel inlet for each tank can be located on the side of the car where the tank will reside. Users can switch from natural gas to regular gasoline from inside the vehicle; the vehicle will stay in this mode until switched by the driver. The exact specifications may vary depending upon the OEM.

The engine was invented by Herns Louis, veteran of more than 30 years in the parts manufacturing industry ranging from automotive to aerospace, specializing in computerized parts machining. This twin-bank engine is a result of Louis’s experience, along with his vision to help meet an emerging market need for more efficient, lower-exhaust CNG engines. A patent for the motor was granted in November 2014.

“By 2020 about 95 percent of the engine market will still be dominated by internal combustion engines with the remaining being represented by hybrid at four percent and pure electric at one percent,” said Louis. “The prototype H-Motor is a significant milestone in our journey to create a viable, cost-effective alternative to these options. The Eco-Motive H-Power Motor will offer an efficient, long-range alternative to electric and hybrid powered vehicles and environmentally-friendly option to traditional internal combustion engines. Being part of the next phase of testing and implementation would be a great opportunity for individuals and companies seeking to invest in the future of the automotive market and positively impact our environment.”

About Eco-Motive USA
Eco-Motive USA is developing an innovative new bi-fuel power plant that runs on gasoline and CNG. The Eco-Motive “H” engine was developed by Herns Louis, who has over 30 years of automotive experience. The H-motor will be manufactured in California and marketed directly to OEM automotive manufacturers worldwide. This engine can be a disruptive technology that gives manufacturers an edge in cutting emissions and fuel consumption.


Eco-Motive USA Finishes H-Motor Engine Model, Moves into New Development

Eco-Motive USA recently finished construction of a full-sized, scale model of its patented dual-fuel H-Motor. The construction o  f this model paves the way for creating a functional prototype for the cadre of interested investors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

“We’re entering a new ‘golden age’ that makes improving vehicle efficiency and performance exponentially easier, which is the purpose of my dual-fuel H-Motor,” said Louis. “Oil and gasoline have been the standard fuel for vehicles for decades, but with new technology comes change. That is why I firmly believe in this dual fuel design and am confident that others will appreciate its benefits.”

A functional prototype is on track to be completed this year. While the prototype is under construction, Eco-Motive USA plans to use the current engine model to secure funding from interested investors and move strategic partnerships forward with OEM’s.

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