Eco-Motive USA Patents Revolutionary Dual-Fuel H-Motor Engine

Eco-Motive USA received a HL216668_2patent (#8807098) for its revolutionary dual-fuel H-Motor engine. The patent is the next step forward towards adoption by OEMs worldwide of this innovative, cost-effective technology.The engine is designed to cut global emissions, slash oil consumption and increase fuel flexibility for consumers.

“Receiving this patent is a huge step forward for my company,” said Herns Louis, Founder and CEO of Eco-Motive USA. “Now we can push our engine technology into a market that’s hungry for smart, effective solutions. HL216668_1The infrastructure for compressed natural gas (CNG) powered vehicles is established and will be prominent in the next couple of decades due to its low costs and high efficiency.”

The principle behind the engine is brilliant in its simplicity and flexibility. The Eco-Motive H-motor can be powered by either gasoline or CNG, at a driver’s prerogative. Each bank of the engine is powered exclusively by one of the two fuels; with the push of a button, the engine can switch from the bank of cylinders fueled by gasoline to the other set using CNG, or vice versa.

HL216668_5“Our intent is to help automakers leverage the plentiful natural gas supplies and existing infrastructure to meet the pending government regulations for emissions and fuel economy,” said Louis. “The internal combustion engine can still be optimized with innovations such as the patented H-Motor without a budget-busting expenditure. Our intent is to partner with visionary auto manufacturers who want to leverage this flexible technology worldwide”

A driver in an H-motor power vehicle can fill their CNG tank at home or at a filling station, HL216668_4as well as buy gasoline nationwide. In addition, natural gas is becoming much more prominent with 530 CNG stations nationwide. There are also over 112,000 natural-gas vehicles in the U.S. and 15 million in use worldwide. Since almost all natural gas currently consumed in the U.S. is also produced in North America, CNG powered vehicles help reduce dependence on foreign oil.

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