Eco-Motive USA Finishes H-Motor Engine Model, Moves into New Development

Eco-Motive USA recently finished construction of a full-sized, scale model of its patented dual-fuel H-Motor. The construction o  f this model paves the way for creating a functional prototype for the cadre of interested investors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

“We’re entering a new ‘golden age’ that makes improving vehicle efficiency and performance exponentially easier, which is the purpose of my dual-fuel H-Motor,” said Louis. “Oil and gasoline have been the standard fuel for vehicles for decades, but with new technology comes change. That is why I firmly believe in this dual fuel design and am confident that others will appreciate its benefits.”

A functional prototype is on track to be completed this year. While the prototype is under construction, Eco-Motive USA plans to use the current engine model to secure funding from interested investors and move strategic partnerships forward with OEM’s.

H-motor 122914-4 H-motor 122914-1H-motor 122914-2

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